Proving Infidelity with a Private Detective in Tennessee

Even the mere thought that your spouse or partner is cheating on, you can be extremely painful. For many, it is not just the emotional pain, but also the uncertainty that takes its toll. Sometimes, being left to wonder if your suspicions are correct can be worse than actually finding out the truth! If you suspect that your partner is unfaithful, then you need a private detective in Tennessee to help you uncover the truth. Kendall Investigations will help you discreetly and confidentially, presenting you with the evidence you need to take the next step. As a highly experienced private detective in Tennessee, we can provide clients detailed reports, videos, and photographic evidence. If we find evidence that your suspicions of infidelity are correct, then we will find irrefutable proof. That can be presented during divorce proceedings and mediation, making it easier for you to resolve the matter and move on with your life with dignity.

Am I Just Being Paranoid?

As a private detective in Tennessee, we often have prospective clients begin their inquiry by saying that they might be paranoid. However, the unfortunate truth is that in the majority of cases, when you suspect that a partner is unfaithful, your suspicions are usually correct. It is also common for people to experience a little bit of denial even when they know that infidelity is occurring. Using the services of a private detective in Tennessee, to gather evidence and catch a cheater not only gives you evidence to present to a divorce lawyer, but it can help you to come to terms with the infidelity on a personal level as well. We are here to help you to uncover the truth.

If you are feeling suspicious, but are not quite sure if your partner is unfaithful, then it may help to look for some of the most common signs that could indicate that they are cheating:

  • Unusual interest in your schedule
  • Not wearing a wedding ring
  • Request for more space
  • More overtime at work
  • Unexpected absences
  • Hiding phone bills
  • Frequent hang-up calls
  • Excessive internet use
  • Excessive vehicle mileage
  • No longer interested in sex
  • Outside interests and desire to go alone
  • Unexplained receipts

Do I Need a Private Detective?

Maybe it has crossed your mind that you could try and catch a cheater on your own? However, this is likely a much more difficult task than you might expect. Even if you put aside the time, money, inexperience, and potential legal risk involved – you must consider the emotions involved. There is every possibility that anger, anxiety, or sadness could drive you to make impulsive decisions. It is far better to leave the task in the hands of a private detective in Tennessee, especially if you need solid evidence for court proceedings.

Uncover the truth!


Ken Shull served as a Special Agent with the FBI for almost 25 years and was head of the FBI Polygraph program until his retirement in 2001. At that time he set up the Kendall Investigations practice as a private investigator in Knoxville, TN offering Polygraph services, private investigations, and security guards. Ken is a member of the American Polygraph Association and The American Association of Police Polygraphists.

The Truth is Still the Truth Even if No One Believes it, A Lie is Still a Lie Even if Everyone Believes it.