Most Common Signs of Infidelity

To catch an unfaithful partner or confirm suspicions people turn to private investigators and polygraph examiners. Because a good amount of my business revolves around this, I have learned the most common ways to tell if your significant other is cheating and how to spot it. The signs of cheating look different in every relationship, however, if you’re reading this, you probably already have suspicions. Either you’ve noticed red flags yourself or you just have a gut feeling. Read on to learn the most common signs of infidelity.

Emotional Withdrawal

Cheaters will most likely seem withdrawn and lack emotional intimacy.

Being Secretive About Their Phone

Maybe they are using their phone more often, deleting texts and browsing history, taking it everywhere and guarding it, or have passwords on devices where there wasn’t before.

Change in Physical Appearance

If they suddenly start working out, counting calories, eating a lot healthier, and dressing better, odds are they are trying to impress someone. And it might not be you.

They Accuse You

Although counterintuitive, people who cheat will often project the guilt onto their partner and accuse them of cheating. These accusations cause you to be on the defense and distract you from their actions.

Unexplained Spending

If there are odd charges on credit cards or less money in the account that could be a huge sign. Infidelity costs include: Money, Dinner Receipts, Dates, Hotel Rooms, Unexplained Gifts, Time Loss.

Picks Fights

Cheaters tend to rationalize their behavior by putting the blame on you. If you’ve done something wrong their actions are justified in their mind, hence why they start a fight.

Routine Change

If they start working late all the sudden or have excuses for being late or absent it might signal infidelity.

Change in Sex Pattern

Both increased and decreased levels of sexual activity can be a sign of infidelity. Less sex because your partner is focused on someone else, more sex because they are trying to cover that up.

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