How Much Does a Polygraph Cost?

Pricing for a full polygraph examination varies depending on a variety of factors. Please call the office at 865-328-9191 to discuss your options. We may be prepared to offer a discount in some circumstances.

How Long Does a Polygraph Exam Take?

A standard polygraph exam takes between 1.5 and 2 hrs to complete and is carried out at our office. We are the only brick and mortar polygraph office in the Knoxville area.

When Will I Get My Results?

Your polygraph results will be made available to you immediately after the examination. There is no waiting period.

How accurate is a polygraph?

The accuracy of the polygraph is affected by the qualifications, experience, and education of the examiner. Kendall Shull is the only person in the world who holds a Master's degree in polygraph. In addition, he has previously headed up the entire FBI polygraph program in Washington, DC, and has conducted and published research on polygraph use. Over the years, he has conducted thousands of exams. You will find no one else with his unrivaled background or his level of experience and education in polygraph.

How soon can I have the exam done?

Please call our office at 865-328-9191. We are flexible and we can generally find a suitable time within just a few days if not sooner.

Is everything I tell you confidential?

Yes. The results of your polygraph exam and anything that you discuss in our office before, during, or after your exam is confidential. I cannot, and will not, reveal anything discussed during the polygraph with anyone without your consent.

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