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President | Kendall Investigations | Knoxville, TN (2001 - Present)

Provide polygraph examinations and private investigative services to attorneys, businesses and private individuals specializing in infidelity, workers' compensation, and insurance fraud. Provide expert witness testimony. Conduct background checks. Licensed private investigator and polygraph examiner in TN.

Senior Partner | National Polygraph Consultants | Knoxville, TN (2001 - 2010)

Provided instruction on interview and interrogation techniques and polygraph countermeasures. Provided quality control to private and state polygraph programs.

President | Kendall Security Guard Services | Knoxville, TN (2011 - Present)

Providing armed and unarmed Security Guard Services to business and private individuals.

Information Security Specialist | NCI (subcontractor to Wackenhut Security Incorporated) | Oak Ridge, TN (2003)

Provided technical security countermeasure (TSCM) assessments.

Chief and Program Manager | Federal Bureau of Investigation Polygraph Unit | F.B.I. Headquarters, Washington D.C. (1999-2001)

Managed over 80 employees. Played a significant role in the investigation and prosecution of several major cases both nationally and internationally. Served as a consultant to foreign government polygraph programs and briefed members of the U.S. Senate Governmental Affairs Committee staff. Provided expert witness testimony in U.S. District Court cases. Conducted and published research on polygraph techniques.

Supervisor | F.B.I. Polygraph Unit. | Washington D.C. HQ. (1995-1999)

Managed 25 employees.

Polygraph Examiner Interview & Interrogation | F.B.I. |
Washington D.C. Field Office

Conducted polygraph examinations in all areas of F.B.I. jurisdiction to include white-collar crime, political and public corruption, fraud, sexual offenses, homicide, counter-intelligence, and espionage.

Special Agent | F.B.I. | Washington D.C. Field Office. (1975 - 1991)

Conducted investigations in areas of F.B.I. jurisdiction to include over ten years as the primary undercover investigator focused on political corruption, property crimes, narcotics, and organized crime. Specific areas of investigative experience include:

  • Interview and Interrogation
  • Narcotics and Organized Crime
  • Undercover and Special Operations
  • Foreign Counterintelligence Investigations
  • Applicant and Background Investigations
  • Personal Security and Surveillance

Education, Specialized Training, & Awards

  • 2014 - Make-a-wish Foundation – Humanitarian Award Presented by the FBI
  • 1998 - Clinical polygraph testing in sex offender investigations | FBI Laboratory
  • 1997 - Clinical polygraph testing in sex offender investigations | FBI Laboratory
  • 1993 - Masters of Science, Polygraph | Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, Alabama
  • 1992 - Advanced Polygraph Studies Degree | University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia
  • 1991 - Department of Justice Commendation
  • 1990 - Polygraph Studies Degree | Department of Defense Polygraph Institute, Fort McClellan, Alabama
  • 1990 - U.S. Attorney’s Award for Meritorious Service, Virginia
  • 1989 - U.S. Attorney’s Award for Meritorious Service, Washington, D.C.
  • 1989 - Department of Justice Commendation
  • 1988 - U.S. Attorney’s Award for Meritorious Service, Washington, D.C.
  • 1979 -1991 - Numerous Distinguished Service and Incentive Awards
  • 1971 - Bachelor of Science, Animal Science | Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa


  • Recognized in the April 2003 issue of International Intelligence Magazine “Eye Spy” as a polygraph expert.
  • Guest speaker at the first Raleigh International Spy Conference concerning the Robert Hanssen espionage case and acknowledged as an expert polygraph examiner.
  • Identified as the leading expert in the field of polygraph and interviewed concerning voice stress and polygraph by the CBS 60 Minutes television show on April 4, 2004, in
    New York, NY.

Professional & Charitable Affiliations

  • American Polygraph Association
  • TN Polygraph Association
  • FBI Agents Association
  • Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI
  • TN Professional Investigators Association
  • American Association of Police Polygraphists
  • Former Board Chairman and current wish granter of the East TN Chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • Former Vice Chairman of the State of TN Private Investigators and Polygraph Examiners Commission
  • Mission of Hope

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