One of the most common areas in which Kendall Investigations performs polygraph examinations is in relation to litigation support. Our President, Kendall Shull, served with the FBI as a Special Agent for 25 years. Kendall worked a variety of cases at the FBI, including 10 years in an undercover capacity. Kendall completed his Master’s Degree in Polygraph and retired from the FBI as Chief of the entire FBI’s Polygraph Program in Washington, DC prior to moving to Knoxville. He has conducted thousands of polygraph examinations throughout the world.

Polygraphs as Litigation Support

Polygraphs can be a useful tool for attorneys who want to prove their client's innocence particularly if they feel they do not have as much evidence as they would like for a strong case. It can be particularly helpful in cases that come down to one person's word over another. Attorneys can also make use of polygraph testing for business law, in situations where employees are suspected of theft. It can also be used to suppress or support other types of evidence, support psychiatric evaluations, and in a variety of other situations.

Choosing a qualified polygraph examiner with the proper background and experience is essential to ensuring the validity of the exam. Kendall’s credentials are second to none. Call 865-339-3172 to discuss your situation and need for a polygraph examination.

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