Polygraph Services

Polygraph services for Attorneys, Businesses and Private Individuals.

actgrab2All polygraph exams are conducted by Kendall Shull who was the former chief of the entire FBI Polygraph Program in Washington, DC.  Kendall earned a Masters Degree in Polygraph and has conducted and published research on polygraph.  He has lectured and trained polygraph examiners all over the US. Choosing a qualified polygrapher with the proper background and experience is essential. Kendall’s credentials are second to none.



Valuable areas of use:

ATTORNEYS: Criminal Defense, Clear the Wrongly Accused, Verify a Clients Innocence, Prove False Accusations.

BUSINESSES:  Employee Theft, Eliminating Suspects, Sexual Harassment, Professional Misconduct, Fraud.

PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS:  Infidelity, Allegations of Child Abuse, Domestic Disputes, Prove Your Innocence. If you suspect something and feel you are being lied to, the polygraph will determine the truth.

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