Private Investigations, Polygraph Examinations, and Security Guard Services

Kendall Investigations is fast becoming known as the Premier Investigative Firm for Private Investigations, Polygraph Exams, and Security Guard Services. With its home office in Knoxville, TN we provide a wide range of professional services to Attorneys, Insurance Companies, Businesses and Private Individuals nationwide. We are committed to meeting your needs.

President Kendall Shull served with the FBI as a Special Agent for 25 years. Kendall worked a variety of different cases at the FBI including 10 years in an undercover capacity. Kendall completed his Masters Degree in Polygraph and retired from the FBI as Chief of the entire FBI’s Polygraph Program in Washington, DC prior to moving to Knoxville. He has conducted thousands of polygraph examinations throughout the world.

Kendall Investigations is affiliated with more than 800 former Special Agents of the FBI nationwide who are licensed private investigators and available to work anywhere in the US and most locations abroad.

At Kendall Investigations, we strive to provide you with the results you expect.

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